Giglio goes off on Trea Turner: 'He's done nothing for this team'


The Phillies lost again on Wednesday night, managing just one run off of Carlos Carrasco and the Mets in what was another quiet night for Trea Turner.

Now two months into the season, Joe Giglio is done waiting for the $300 million shortstop to finally wake up. It’s time to call out the former MVP candidate and his .651 OPS.

“I’ve had it with Trea Turner,” Joe said. “Eleven years and $300 million, and at this point, I don’t know what to say other than he doesn’t look like he’s worth a quarter of that…he was supposed to be a difference maker, and you look over some of the numbers…he’s one of the worst 20 players in baseball.

“I’m most frustrated with Turner. We were expecting Trea Turner to have a big impact. He’s done nothing for this team…every time I watch an 0-for-4 from Trea Turner, you know what I see in my head? Eleven years!”

Hugh still expects Turner to turn things around, but Joe is done waiting on all the struggling Phillies bats that many hope to play to the back of their baseball cards at some point this season. Based on the evidence of the last two months, the team simply is not good enough.

“If they have eight guys having down years, they’re not gonna make the playoffs and they’re not gonna be a good baseball team,” Joe said. “This feels like a bad baseball team. If you watch them day-to-day, they look like a bad team, and it’s frustrating.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw | Getty Images