Survey Reveals Americans Throw Away Almost $12,000 of Toilet Paper in Their Lifetime

By ALT 103.7

Back in March, a toilet paper shortage sent a panic across the country, as people looked to stock up on the bathroom necessity.

Luckily, toilet paper is now back on shelves and everyone can go back to using as much as needed.

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Apparently that’s quite a bit, as a new survey revealed Americans will flush away almost $12,000 of toilet paper in their lifetime.

According to the survey, which asked 2,000 participants about their bathroom habits, the average American will spend $182 on toilet paper each year, and that number rose by about $15 per month since the toilet paper shortage hit back in March.

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“Very few people realize how much money they’re spending in paper products annually, let alone the environmental cost of producing these products,” said Founder & Chief Creative Officer of the bidet brand TUSHY, Miki Agrawal.

While the majority of respondents claimed to try and live a “sustainable” lifestyle, the amount of paper products used, especially in the bathroom, make it difficult to fully commit. An alternative to toilet paper may sound like a good idea, but most may just need to find another way to save money.

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