Jonas Brothers Are Sharing Stories in Their Upcoming Memoir 'BLOOD'

The trio is set to be "totally unfiltered"

The forecast is calling for Jonas, with definite Jonas and a chance of more Jonas.

They were right, 2019 is the year of Jonas and the Jonas Brothers are planning on invading every entertainment medium you ever dreamed of enjoying.

Music? Of course! "Sucker" and "Cool" continue to race up the charts, and the group has just announced the tracklist for their first album in a decade. Tour? You got it, coming soon to a city near you with new music and your favorite Jonas classics.

But not TV, right? Wrong. The documentary detailing the trio's journey through therapy and finally deciding to make music again debuts next month. 

Whew, fine. The Jonas revolution is upon us and there is nowhere to hide except in the quiet halls of the bookstore, safe from the blinding smiles and hypnotizing charisma of these brothers. They're not there too. Or are they?

They are. It's 2019 my dude, and we won't rest until there's a Jonas on every shelf, every pocket, every eyeball. Announcing BLOOD, a new memoir by the three with the help of author Neil Strauss. The same guy that got Motley Crue to spill for The Dirt is here to mine for stories from the group, and they'll be available for you to read later this year.

According to a release for the book, BLOOD "details the incredible true story of the Jonas Brothers, from the band’s creation, phenomenal rise to superstardom, break up at the height of their fame, and now reunification." Strauss has been brought on board to get the best from the boys, but the book is "told in their own words" and "totally unfiltered."

BLOOD is just the latest from the Jonas Brothers, and their full-fledge return for 2019. The documentary Chasing Happiness is out on Amazon on June 4th, the album Happiness Begins is due out on June 7th, and the tour begins on August 7th. What a time, to be alive.

BLOOD is due out on November 12th. You can pre-order your copy here.