Issa Rae talks about her fear of pregnancy and how her role as Spider-Woman changed her perspective

'I thought about my own biases I have toward pregnant women'
Issa Rae
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A fan of Spider-Man since the third grade, Issa Rae stopped by V-103 Atlanta to discuss her latest role in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse as Spider-Woman and how it opened up her perspectives on pregnancy, as well as her admiration for the Afro-Latin culture portrayed throughout the film.

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Talking about her character as a Spider-Woman, where she plays a pregnant, crime-fighting superhero, the Insecure actress revealed that when she first got the role she was "taken aback" by her character being pregnant. For her, it exposed the biases she believes she has towards pregnancy. "I thought about my own biases I have toward pregnant women. I always think that they're just fragile and they can't work, even for me I'm like 'oh I cant get pregnant now because I got so much work to do,'" Rae said. She continues on saying that this role "is a nice way" to show how pregnant women and moms work hard to fulfill all roles in their lives and play superheroes in real life.

Despite her character, Issa let us know that pregnancy and motherhood for her won't be happening anytime soon. "That's always been a thing for me, I just have a fear... I don't want to be slowed down for any reason," she said.

Rae also shared some of the things she really loved and appreciated about this movie. "What I love about the movie is also just the Afro-Latino representation, and how they just speak Spanish no subtitles," she continues, "I remember watching that and feeling like 'uh, this is just so dope, there's so much authenticity.'"

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When asked what people are going to take away from the movie, she said "well one, they're going to want some more because this is a part one, it's a sequel but a part one and it's just a good story."

If she could have any superpower, it would be to fly, she revealed. "I would just use it to travel, I don't like security at the airport, I don't like private jets because they're too small."

She urged fans to also be on the lookout for more of her projects releasing like the Barbie movies this summer, Rap S*** season two and Project Greenlight.

Check out the full talk with Issa Rae above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images