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The BTS star talks with Bru between tour stops
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You know him as SUGA from BTS, but when it comes to his solo career you can call him Agust D. Sitting down with Bru for an Audacy Check In during one of his two days off “in the middle of tour,” to chat about everything from tour life, his passion for music, evolving as an artist, and so much more. Agust D also discussed his new projects and music outside of the world's most famous group.

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Sharing that he’s been “inspired by many artists,” and that he “grew up listening to Hip-Hop” by both Korean and American artists, when asked if he’d always known that he wanted to be an artist, SUGA, or now also known as Agust D revealed he’d dreamt “of becoming a musician ever since I was 12.”

Noting, "when I was young, I didn’t know I had the talent, but I had the chance to join Big Hit Entertainment as a trainee and songwriter.” And it was as he was putting in the work during that time, that he “learned that I had talent.”

Already knowing a tour was scheduled while working on his latest album D-DAY, Agust admitted he “created an organic connection between the album and tour.” A journey we can all experience him go through in his new Disney+ documentary Road to D-DAY.

Recently having turned 30, a milestone also touched upon in the doc, Agust shared that despite hoping he’d be in his 20s forever, he finds himself in the next decade of his life. Some advice he shared about it in regards to himself, but could easily be applied to whoever might need it, is that he tries “not to be complacent," and “continuously develop my skills as an artist.”

Moving on he then discussed his solo tour, and sharing about his shot of whiskey ritual before hitting the stage with BTS. Agust D, also spoke about the adjustments of going from being a group of seven guys on stage to one.

“At first, I was worried. Also the company members and tour directors were worried." However, “I cleared my schedule and spent a whole month solely prepping for the tour." After preparing with “multiple run throughs,” Agust no longer found himself nervous and fully ready to go on stage “without any worries.”

Okay so listen up ARMY, before their chat came to an end, SUGA (because we’re talking about BTS now) had the following to say. “Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our world stadium tour… but all seven members always talk about how much we want to go on tour as a group. So whenever possible, we’ll always bring out our best. I hope we could truly enjoy our time together.” We’ll take that as a vague declaration that as soon as they all can, they’ll be blessing the masses with a tour. But until then we’ll just have to enjoy his solo endeavors.

Agust D also talked about his love of sports, which instrument he’d like to learn next, and what this next phase of his career looks like in his eyes. To hear it all and more listen to the entire interview above.

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