From public service to private security with MSA Security

Private Security
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Our Employer of the Week series features one company each week that has made a commitment to hiring and supporting veterans. This week’s employer is MSA Security.

MSA Security provides security, intelligence, training, and investigative services in order to protect personnel, property, and peace of mind. The company was also recognized as one of Monster's 2019 best companies for veterans. 

In 2019, 30 percent of MSA Security's new hires were veterans — adding to the company's overall 40 percent veteran workforce. 

"MSA is dedicated to being straightforward and transparent in direction and expectations to eliminate much of the ambiguity returning veterans face when entering the public and private sectors," Monster wrote in its evaluation of the company. 

"We have a broad scope of veterans from every branch and I'm pretty proud of that," said Joe Beglane, Director of SmartTech® at MSA Security. "It benefits us too. They come trained. They come well disciplined. They're used to teamwork. It benefits both the veterans and the company."

Many of the opportunities and roles with MSA Security directly utilize skills that veterans learned in the military. This, along with targeted transition assistance from the company, helps veterans find a stable civilian career path. 

"It's not just words to us," said Peter Capizzi, Chief Human Resources Officer. "We respect their service and their commitment to our country — and they translate that to a commitment to our company."

To learn more about the opportunities available with MSA Security, click here.

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