Army reservist marks 10th service member COVID-19 death

COVID-19 Testing
Photo credit DoD

The Department of Defense reported the tenth death of a service member due to COVID-19 on Monday. 

The Army reservists death marks the second so far this month.

Despite this most recent death, military service members are still exhibiting far lower fatality rates than the general population. While service member deaths have now surpassed that of dependents, that mortality rate among military personnel is currently about .017%. Among dependents, the mortality rate is 0.12%.

Of all DoD components, the civilian component has reported the most COVID-19 fatalities with 69 as of Wednesday, bringing the total number of deaths across the DoD to 113. Overall, after holding steady for the first few months of the pandemic, DoD COVID-19 deaths almost doubled in the month of July. 

As of Monday, the DoD reported a total of 99,839 cases of COVID-19 across the force. The vast majority of these cases -- as has been the case since the very beginning of the pandemic -- are among service members. Close to 67,443 service members from every branch have been confirmed as COVID-19 positive. 


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