Warrior Canine Connection holds a virtual graduation ceremony for its Class of 2020

Photo credit Warrior Canine Connection

Warrior Canine Connection pawtastically graduated its Class of 2020 in a virtual ceremony that united eight newly minted service dogs with their furever veteran.

“There’s just this relationship with humans and dogs that I think transcends any other animal pairing that’s out there,” explained Army Staff Sgt. Danny Farrar, who was paired with Eli. “And they get the joy of being around you. I’m not sure any other animal gets that same type of joy from being around you, and you also get the joy that comes from being around them.”


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Susan Kenedy called being a puppy parent the most fulfilling experience she’s ever had. 

"Getting to pass the leash to a veteran is the ultimate reward of being a puppy parent,” she said. “The fact that your hard work and dedication has resulted in the gift of a service dog to a veteran is what we all strive for when we take on the role of raising a pup.”

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Kenedy has helped raise several dogs for WCC. 

“It can be a bittersweet experience, but knowing that through this amazing opportunity you have given back to your country fills your heart with pride and joy,” she said. 

The virtual ceremony took place on Sept. 26.

To learn more about WCC, visit here.

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