WWII vet asks for 100 birthday cards; he got thousands

A big pile of old letters and mail.
Photo credit photo credit: © Nikolaev | Dreamstime.com

World War II veteran Joe Cuba will turn 100 on March 2. 

And all he really wanted was 100 birthday cards to celebrate his 100 years.

So he posted a sign to Facebook, putting it out there to the social media universe.  What could possibly happen?

His wish was answered 100 times over:  he's received over 16,000 cards from all over the world, as far away as Poland and Australia.

The folks from his retirement home, Brookdale Midwestern, posted a picture of the influx of mail.

The sign he held up said, "I'm a WWII veteran who will be turning 100 on March 2, 2019. I would like to receive 100 birthday cards."  The post was shared thousands of times.

They call him "GI Joe" at Brookdale Midwestern, where he lives in Wichita Falls, Texas.  It's tough to be so popular when you're "GI Joe."  In the past couple days, he's been interviewed by the Today Show,  Good Morning America, Fox News, and all the local Texas media outlets.  The staff said they had to wake him up from a nap to meet all his visitors.  Heck, even Chic-Fil-A brought him lunch.   The best part, the staff says, is that Cuba is sharing his WWII recognition with the other vets at the retirement home.  

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"Even Joe wants that – all of his veteran buddies to be a part of it and recognized, as well," Jarvis Polvado, the executive director of the facility told the Wichita Falls Record News. "It's the cool thing that he's getting recognized for his 100th birthday and because he's a World War II vet, but he's making sure his World War II veteran buddies get recognized too."

Now that the mail has surpassed their wildest hopes, the staff is aiming to get 25,000 cards for their "GI Joe." If you'd like to send Cuba a birthday card, mail it to 918 Midwestern Parkway, Wichita Falls, TX 76302.

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