Best Combat Diver Competition gets underway

Combat diver
Photo credit Photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Fischman

The inaugural 2023 USASOC Best Combat Dive Team competition is now underway. The Army hosts many competitions to foster team spirit and healthy competitiveness from Best Ranger to Best Squad, but only in the last few years has there been a competition for those who hold themselves out to be the best among U.S. Special Forces...

Within Special Forces there exist various specialities amongst some teams, such as military free fall and combat divers. The dive teams in Special Forces train with rebreathers as a clandestine infiltration method. They also train host nation partner forces in combat diver skills.

After conducting equipment checks yesterday, the dive teams from across the Special Forces community jumped into the competition, literally, conducting a static line jump from a MH-47 helicopter. After the swim they began a kayak race.

The event will continue at the Special Forces Underwater Operations in NAS Key West, Florida for the next several days, from September 26 - 28. In addition to Special Forces Combat Diver, members of the Navy SEALs representing Naval Special Warfare are also participating in the competition.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Staff Sgt. Adam Fischman