World's best shooters go head to head in this year's international sniper competition

International Sniper competition
Photo credit DVIDs Photo by K. Kassens

Last week some of the best long-range shooters in the world went head to head at this year's United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) international sniper competition. The event brought together 19 sniper teams from multiple units and countries to compete.

The individual events and courses of fire were designed by instructors assigned to the Special Warfare Center and School located at the late Ft. Bragg (newly dubbed Fort Liberty) in North Carolina. International units from France, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany also competed.

The competition tested two-man sniper/spotter teams as they engaged long-distance targets in a variety of environments, testing them on both their speed and accuracy while firing on unknown distance ranges, negotiating various obstacles, and firing while under stress after running through obstacle courses.

Coming in first place this year was a team from 5th Special Forces Group, with Evan Romney and Ben Knueven taking the top spot. 2nd place went to Larry Hollen and Nolan Roe from the 75th Ranger Regiment and 3rd place was taken by instructors Ed Ocampo and Donovan Yuson from the Marine Corps Special Operations advanced sniper course.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: DVIDs Photo by K. Kassens