Berried in Chocolate? You Bet. Shari Fitzpatrick Talks About Losing Shari's Berries And Gaining Much More!

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Entrepreneur Shari Fitzpatrick started what became a multimillion dollar company on a card table in a Sacramento apartment. You know you have made it when one of your gourmet dipped strawberries is used as the second “g” in the Google logo on Valentine’s Day.  Shari's Berries were truly an international phenomenon:

In 2006, Shari trusted the wrong people and lost her beloved Shari's Berries. That's right - the name is the same but there is no Shari at Shari's Berries. In our podcast interview below, Shari still gets emotional talking about it. She does believe that mistakes aren't bad if you learn from them. Shari is back dipping strawberries - along with grapes, wine bottles, books and more - with her newish company "Berried in Chocolate".

Shari is also a sensational inspirational speaker. I got the opportunity to hear her at a women's retreat last year. She also makes award winninig wine (bottles dipped in chocolate) and is the author of "Berried in Chocolate: How I Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business by Doing What I Love to Do and How You Can Too."  And yes, of course the book is available dipped in chocolate. Did I mention her bed and breakfast? Yes, there's that too!     

Here's a video of the woman who has loved dipping strawberries all her life in action: 

And here's a fascinating, candid conversation with Shari Fitzpatrick about how her belief in family, faith and fearlessness got her through.