These are your earth sign horoscopes for Wednesday, March 15

Taurus constellation
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These are your horoscopes for earth signs and earth sign placements for the week of Wednesday, March 15, 2023! Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End.

Taurus: You need to be able to let go of restrictive self talk in order to move on. This week you'll be invited to provide feedback and engage in important conversations that spark change. Your word of the week is momentum.

Virgo: Success and achievement is more within reach than you realize. There's important information that you need to speak up about first in order to see forward movement happen, however. Speak your truth and contribute with courage. Your word of the week is growth.

Capricorn: Without always realizing it, you're not typically one to show your emotions. Now, however, you begin to see how far leading with your head over heart takes you. Even if you tout possessing empathy as a quality, lean into this analytical mindset to navigate tricky situations. Your word of the week is logic.

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