There's a secret Starbucks hidden away at Disneyland

Starbucks logo sign on a wall
Photo credit Bruce Bennett / Staff/Getty Images

You've probably stopped by Starbucks at Disneyland for an afternoon pick-me-up, and very likely waited at least 30 minutes in line for that latte. But hidden away in the park is a secret Starbucks location.

Unfortunately, because this secret Starbucks is located in Disney's backstage employees-only area (via SFGATE), guests can't skip the line to pick up their drinks there.

You can, however, catch a quick glimpse of the secret Starbucks if you take the monorail. Look for the green umbrellas and Starbucks branding on your left shortly after you pass Disneyland's entry turnstiles behind Pizza Planet.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett / Staff/Getty Images