Nail any job interview by asking the employer this ONE question

Job interviews can be super nerve-racking. One of my least favorite questions has always been the blank-stare-inducing question from employers: "Do you have any questions for us?"

In the past when I've personally interviewed for positions, it doesn't matter how much I've prepared for an interview - I can never think of any questions I'd like to ask an employer whenever they ask that question. I've either already asked questions I've prepared, or the only questions I DO have aren't appropriate for a first interview.

TikToker Jennifer Reardon (@notjenneeree) says the one question you should ask if you want to nail an interview is, "Are there any concerns you have about me that we can address?"

I think this is SUCH a GREAT question because it eliminates any doubt you have about yourself after a great interview and opens the door to constructive feedback. I think it's also very revealing what the employer's response to that question is; it may even reveal that they're not actually someone you'd like working for anyway.

Watch her interview above and peep the comments for others' stories.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images