These are your air sign horoscopes for Friday, June 24

Libra astrology symbol
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These are your horoscopes for air signs and air sign placements for the week of Friday, June 24, 2022! Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End.

Libra: Someone isn't being completely honest with you about where they stand on a particular issue. Don't mistake this dishonesty for deception; there's probably a good reason for them withholding certain information. Karma has your back, and this less-than-favorable situation is very surface level compared to the truth.

Aquarius: You're entering a phase of more balance and harmony within your relationships. Everything falling into place also sets the stage for a possible new development and creation within a romantic relationship. Taking the next step is very possible whether it's deciding to move in together, get married, or perhaps grow your family.

Gemini: You'll receive positive news about a child or pet (someone you take care of). This could also be something that positively benefits your inner child. You'll gain more support from others around you during this time as well.