These are your fire sign horoscopes for Thursday, September 16


These are your horoscopes for fire signs and fire sign placements for Thursday, September 16, 2021.

Sagittarius: We haven't even hit Mercury Retrograde yet and you're ALREADY beginning to feel the effects of it, but not in ways you might think. It's common for people to hear from their ex during Mercury Retrograde, but in this case, it's YOU reaching out to YOUR ex. YOU are THAT ex! Before potentially ruining someone's mood, ask yourself, "What am I trying to accomplish by reaching out to my ex?" Proceed with caution. Your day is an 8.

Aries: You'll overhear a conversation at work that you weren't supposed to hear. The information you learn from this conversation is top secret, but can potentially be used to your advantage. Use it wisely. Your day is a 10.

Leo: You're no stranger to seeing cringeworthy memories pop up on Facebook, but today or over the weekend, you'll see something on social media that not only makes you CRINGE, but also provides further dirt on a situation that happened at the time that you weren't previously aware of. Think of this as dodged a bullet. It's in the past, but at least now you know. Your day is a 6.

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