These are your fire sign horoscopes for Wednesday, October 20


These are your horoscopes for fire signs and fire sign placements for Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

Sagittarius: Your responsibilities at work are about to change in a major way. This is either a new position on its way to you with your current employer or, if you're looking for an entirely new change, a great opportunity with a different company will make its way to you. Be openminded and follow your curiosity.

Aries: You're just trying to get stuff done, but the universe is testing your patience right now and you're gonna have to wait a little bit longer to see results or complete a project you've been trying to wrap up. Roll with any hiccups along the way, and the end result is going to be worth the wait. TRUST THAT.

Leo: You better get some rest right now honey, because you're in for quite the shakeup in life in the coming weeks. This change is life-altering in many ways - it will affect your career, personal, love, and social lives in one way or another. There won't be any build up or warning, either. It'll hit fast and you'll know immediately what it is when it happens. Good luck with that! lol (don't sweat it - we've all been there!)

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