These are your horoscopes for the weekend of Friday, June 24

Cancer astrology symbol
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These are your horoscopes to get you through the weekend of Friday, June 24, 2022! Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End.

Cancer: You'll be faced with a major financial and legal decision that will impact the relationships around you. At the end of the day, this decision is meant to benefit you and your own standing in these circumstances. Fight for your beliefs and desires without sacrificing much (if anything). Some compromise may be needed, so keep an open mind about some wiggle room in negotiations.

Leo: It's time to focus your energies on the things that make you happy. Your attention has been fixated on things that either don't concern you or don't serve you, which has negatively affected your mood and overall wellbeing. When you begin to focus on yourself and your immediate surroundings, your attitude will shift into a much more positive space and open the gateway to manifesting good energy.

Virgo: You'll reach a breakthrough in healing from a psychic attack that you experienced, which is tied to trauma stemming from your work environment. This attack has left you feeling drained for a long time, and finally you'll have the opportunity to start fresh with new surroundings and maybe even a new position in your field.

Libra: Someone isn't being completely honest with you about where they stand on a particular issue. Don't mistake this dishonesty for deception; there's probably a good reason for them withholding certain information. Karma has your back, and this less-than-favorable situation is very surface level compared to the truth.

Scorpio: You're caught in the middle of a major decision at work. A new opportunity will come from this, but first you'll have to face a lot of unknown and moving parts behind-the-scenes. Carry yourself through this with the perseverance and positive attitude that got you here in the first place. Financial rewards are also possible, so you may even get a raise or promotion of some sort.

Sagittarius: You're fighting for something you believe in, or you'll have the opportunity to stand up for yourself. This is tied to a romantic relationship or your dating life; so if you're in a relationship, you may be persevering and working through a challenge that you know is worth fighting for. You're the rational, secure person in this scenario; if you maintain patience and and open heart, you'll make it through this challenge with your person and grow even closer in the process.

Capricorn: There's something you haven't quite made up your mind about yet, and it's because you want to be sure you're 100% confident in your choice. Be careful not to drag out your decision for longer than necessary, because in doing that, you're unintentionally blocking progress for yourself and potentially for other people involved. Be decisive and confident moving forward.

Aquarius: You're entering a phase of more balance and harmony within your relationships. Everything falling into place also sets the stage for a possible new development and creation within a romantic relationship. Taking the next step is very possible whether it's deciding to move in together, get married, or perhaps grow your family.

Pisces: Moving on from a difficult period in your life is entirely possible, and having better management of your time and priorities is a start in the right direction for you. Once you get a handle on what needs to get done first, and you put action towards getting it done, you'll start chipping away walls that have been keeping you from creativity and new opportunity.

Aries: Resolution over an issue you've been having will come to light during Cancer season, which just kicked off and will go through around mid-July. There's a lot that will be happening for you over the next several weeks. Loose ends will get tied up and you'll find yourself drawn towards a more balanced, calm place mentally. A major "release" will feel like a relief.

Taurus: The energies in your life are creating a strong pull towards someone familiar. It's likely that this is a complete stranger that seems familiar to you in some way, and you two seem to click instantly. It's possible that this is a romantic connection, but if you're already in a relationship it's likely going to turn out to be a really solid platonic friendship. In that case, be sure to set boundaries accordingly.

Gemini: You'll receive positive news about a child or pet (someone you take care of). This could also be something that positively benefits your inner child. You'll gain more support from others around you during this time as well.