These are your horoscopes to get you through Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Gemini astrology symbol
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These are your horoscopes to get you through the weekend of Friday, May 27, 2022! Get horoscopes weekday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End.

Gemini: It's true, you should always love yourself first. However, it's important that you don't completely close yourself off to amazing opportunities or relationships just because you feel like you have to go through life alone or gain more independence. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for yourself is to allow love into your life and find healing in connection with others.

Cancer: Memories of someone or feelings from your past may have resurfaced out of the blue, and very soon you'll realize that those were messages from Spirit about someone or something very special that's about to come into your life. This is either a soulmate entering your life or a new life path that you're about to go down. Either way, you've actively manifested this without even consciously realizing it. This is a very good situation for you, regardless.

Leo: Someone close to you will rely on you to help get them through one of the darkest moments of their life. Don't worry about taking on too much of this heavy energy; you're the person chosen by the Universe to help them through this, and it certainly won't drag you down. Be the dependable friend and ray of sunshine that this person needs.

Virgo: Once you remove the source of negativity from your life, you'll allow space for amazing things to grow and happen for you. This seems to be connected to your love and home life; perhaps your current partner's future goals aren't aligned with yours, and by moving on from that partnership you make space for someone else whose goals ARE aligned with yours to enter your life. That's just one example. There is a "birth" of sorts happening. New creation is about to take place for you.

Libra: You're faced with a karmic lesson in love that's tied to a past lifetime. This lesson is tied to someone that you're NOT in a relationship with, however. This could be anyone in your life; most likely someone that's presented you with challenges, no matter how big or small. Don't overthink this too much - just because it's a karmic lesson in love doesn't mean that you'll enter into a romantic relationship with this person. The lesson is just presenting itself in a different way in order for you to learn it this time around.

Scorpio: You're entering into a period of spiritual prosperity that touches all areas of your life - love, career, finances, friendships, etc. Part of you doubts yourself and feels like this is too good to be true. Understand that good things happen to good people, and you're definitely allowed to enjoy this moment for what it is. Instead of focusing on anything bad that could potentially happen, stay present and enjoy all the good things in your life.

Sagittarius: In the planning phase of a trip you're set to go on, you'll be faced with a major decision to make regarding travel. There may be an obstacle that pops up and you're forced to change plans. We're also in the middle of Mercury Retrograde and these things tend to happen; make sure that if you're booking travel that you read all the fine print and have a way out or backup plan just in case.

Capricorn: You feel powerless in the decision making process at home or in the workplace (perhaps both). You certainly have your ideas and opinions, but you're nervous to express them out of fear of the unknown. Not knowing how things will pan out is absolutely terrifying for you.

Aquarius: Although your progress in your professional development may feel delayed, everything is falling into place the way it should. There's a slight confrontation that may come up where you'll have to choose between a couple different options, but it's nothing you aren't equipped to handle. See this as an opportunity to prove that you've got this and can get things done authoritatively.

Pisces: Happiness and new beginnings coming from something not-so-beautiful are coming your way. You may have had a recent loss in life that was really hurtful; there's either a silver lining in this situation, or that door closed so another, BETTER one could open for you soon.

Aries: You're actively manifesting calm and mental clarity into your life; this is something you haven't had much of in recent weeks. New opportunities for growth will be presented to you in the form of material wealth, spirituality, and/or physical health.

Taurus: You can feel it in your soul that you're being sent down a new life path, but a huge part of you is scared to move on from something. You WANT to move on, but you're scared to do it. Why is that? Meditate on that to help find the answers and peace that you're seeking.