These are your Valentine's Day 2023 horoscopes for fire signs

Aries constellation
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What does your zodiac sign need to know for Valentine's Day 2023? Find out with these horoscopes for fire signs and fire sign placements for Valentine's Day season 2023, and get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End!

Aries: A blockage to your desires in romance and security is making you rethink your priorities and choices. This could either be a spiritual blockage or another person that's getting in the way of your relationship or ability to move on from someone. Choose self love, set boundaries, and be ready to move on from unhealthy people and surroundings. Your word of the week is accountability.

Leo: You and your partner have always been each other's number one support system, but your role becomes even more important over the next week when a minor-yet-challenging setback enters the picture. Both of you will get through this together; just be careful not to let selfishness get in the way. Think about the bigger picture. Your word of the week is teamwork.

Sagittarius: You're going to be able to move on and heal from a heartbreaking situation. A recent argument or some sort of setback has really messed with your head, causing you to second guess yourself. But you're about to get clarity that helps you move on knowing that you weren't crazy this entire time. Your word of the week is validation.

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