These are your horoscopes for water signs for Monday, July 19


I have new horoscopes for you every weekday at 5:40 p.m. PDT on 106.5 The End, and below are your horoscopes for water signs and water sign placements.

Cancer: You've been waiting patiently for a new relationship to come in and sweep you off your feet, but it just hasn't happened yet. At this point, you're getting incredibly frustrated. While that's understandable, there is some additional inner work that you need to focus on before that happens. The Universe wants you to learn a lesson in some other part of your life right now that you haven't quite figured out. But once you complete that lesson, love will flow right into your life and it'll absolutely be worth the wait. Your day is a 9.

Scorpio: It may not feel like it just yet, but through heartbreak that you've experienced recently will come an amazing opportunity for you in your professional life. Creativity will flow like it never has, and you'll reap the rewards of this creative streak in a luxurious, abundant way you couldn't have imagined. This is one of those sudden situations that you couldn't have saw coming - if you told yourself from one week ago that this was going to happen, you wouldn't have believed it. Don't lose hope...everything is going to work out for you in the end. Your day is a 10.

Pisces: You're being very methodical in your approach with a delicate situation at hand. Right now you're tiptoeing around some of the most obvious facts here, but more directness may be required. Reevaluate how you're going about getting what you want unless you're willing to wait ages to get it. Your day is a 4.