Hip-Hop Made: Bebe Rexha on the Missy Elliott show that made her want to be a performer

'She really inspired me that night'
Bebe Rexha
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This year we celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop. Born at a birthday party in the rec room of an apartment building in The Bronx, New York City on August 11, 1973 -- Hip-Hop's cultural impact is still growing and rising to new heights as one of the most influential musical art forms.

LISTEN NOW: Bebe Rexha share some memorable Hip-Hop firsts

As part of the celebration of Hip-Hop’s journey through the years, artists, cities, events, and stories, were asking artists to share some of their firsts when it comes to the influential and trailblazing genre that is Hip-Hop.

When recently chatting with Bebe Rexha, we asked her to share one of the first songs that made her fall in love with the Hip-Hop. At first Bebe was truly troubled to come up with an answer.

After sharing “I’m from New York, so I really love JAY-Z… I love the Fugees too.” She eventually settled on “Ready Or Not,” noting that while “it wasn’t the first song but it was one of the songs I really love that made me fall in love with Hip-Hop.”

As for the first Hip-Hop show ever attended, we’re super jealous to say that was Missy Elliott. “It was incredible,” Bebe shared, “like her background dancers were dancing in slo-mo, and like I had never seen anything like that. Going on to note, “she was just performing ‘Get Ur Freak On,’ and I was just like blown away… She really inspired me that night, and I was like ‘wow, I really wanna be a performer.’”

WATCH NOW: Bebe Rexha share some memorable Hip-Hop firsts


Stay tuned as Audacy continues to celebrate the birth and trailblazing influence of Hip-Hop. Check out audacy.com/hiphopmade all through 2023 for more.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images