Steph Curry explains why he wants A's to stay in Oakland


Students at Elmhurst Middle School in Oakland got quite the surprise Monday, as Steph Curry showed up to hand out food, books and play some soccer. Curry was there on behalf of his Eat.Learn.Play Foundation, which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles for Bay Area youth.

ABC7’s Chris Alvarez was on hand to capture the event and also asked Curry for his thoughts on the possibility of the A’s leaving Oakland. Elmhurst Middle School is just a 10-minute drive from the Oakland Coliseum and the Oakland Arena, where Steph has fond memories of winning three championships with the Warriors.

“Even when we left Oakland to San Francisco – I know it was a tough move,” Curry told Alvarez. “We’re still in the area and able to reach the fanbase that supported us so much. You hope they (the A’s) stay, that’s the answer. Because you know how much it means to the community to have something to look forward to.”

The interview occurred against the backdrop of the A’s ballpark negotiation deadline, which passed a few hours later at midnight Tuesday. The A’s proposed plan in Las Vegas was stalled by the Nevada legislature, but the franchise has been public about its efforts to leave the East Bay.

Though the Warriors left Oakland for the Chase Center in San Francisco in 2019, Curry has made an effort to stay connected to the East Bay community through the Eat.Learn.Play Foundation.

“Just keeping as many professional teams as possible, because it matters,” Curry said. “It does so much for the community, it does so much for the community to look forward to and be proud of, and bring out that Oakland pride.”

Despite his massive celebrity, Steph has been able to maintain real relationships with the Oakland community and his fans with events like Monday’s. He’s hoping A’s players can have the same impact in the future.

“Whether it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes that you spend with a kid, it can change something in their lives,” Curry said. “Whether it’s they feel seen, whether they’ve been down and needed a little excitement in their lives, or the inspiration of something they see in me.

“Just to be able to lock eyes with them or shake their hands, or give ‘em a high five or whatever the case is. It can lift ‘em up. When those moments present themselves, I enjoy them to the fullest.”

Owner John Fisher isn't putting the A's up for sale despite all the stadium setbacks, but Warriors owner Joe Lacob has an outstanding offer to buy the club. Maybe Steph can jump in Lacob's ownership group and try to save the A's himself, if Fisher ever decides to sell.

Featured Image Photo Credit: D. Ross Cameron/USA TODAY Sports