‘Jeopardy!’ fans confused and upset after mid-answer correction

Ken Jennings
Photo credit Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images

‘Jeopardy!” die hards were non too pleased with host Ken Jennings this week.

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Seems the former game show champion and now host was a little relaxed with the rules.

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Jennings let contestant Luigi de Guzman correct an answer during Wednesday’s episode. After saying one thing, he was allowed to say another. This usually doesn’t fly.

Under the “Cons” category De Guzman was first to buzz in as a painting appeared on the screen with the clue: “Here’s a typical 19th-century landscape by this British painter.”

First, de Guzman said, “Who is Constant?”

To which Jennings responded, “Say it again.”

“Sorry, who is Constable?” De Guzman then answered, which was accepted.

What really got fans going was a similar situation later in the episode. Contestant Harriet Wagner answered a question about science fiction authors, saying, “Who is Angela LeGuin – sorry, Ursula LeGuin.” Jennings cut her short and did not accept her answer.

De Guzman eventually won for the fourth straight night. Wagner placed third, with $700 between her and de Guzman, according to People.

Fans jumped to Twitter to let their displeasure know.

“So on #Jeopardy on contestant can correct an answer and another cannot? Come on Ken, that just isn’t right,” one user sent out, even tagging the host in the post.

Another posed, “Wow, is @jeopardy fixed? Why is Luigi allowed to correct himself, but Harriet isn’t?”

In July, Jennings and Mayim Bialik were announced as “Jeopardy!” co-hosts.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images