RYAN ANDERSON Photo credit Ryan

Fun facts about Ryan Anderson:
- born and raised in Memphis
- grew up listening to FM100
- served in the Air Force for 4 years.
- favorite food is pizza
- has a barkless dog named Harley (he's a Basenji)
- hobbies include painting abstract art, home decor projects and cooking
- obsessed with horror movies
- loves roller coasters

Not so fun facts about Ryan Anderson:
- has been hit in the mouth with a gold club
- has A.D.D. (well that's a pro & a con)
- trips over his own feet on a regular basis
- can't grow a live plant
- terrified of heights
- has a terrible singing voice



Erin Austin comes to us from Houston, TX, where she spent nearly 12 years at our sister station, KILT 100.3 The Bull. Erin brings the energy, passion, and creativity that will instantly make some noise here in Memphis! She'll be waking Memphis up every morning from 6-10am!

Fun Facts About Erin
- Single ( Is that really a fun fact?)
- Left Handed
- Happy Hour Aficionado
- Serious bargain shopper
- Has 3 Dogs - 2 Dobermans named Handsome and Bubba and a mutt named Silkie
- Has been to 10 countries solo (including going to Chernobyl)
- Makes some mean guacamole

Not So Fun
- Has ADD (Just like Ryan)
- A bit of a procrastinator
- Can't touch her toes
- Always has a messy car...always!
- Sometimes has a potty mouth (She's working on it)