Ex-Green Beret Mike Taylor and his son extradited and flown to Japan

Mike Taylor
Photo credit Courtesy of the Taylor family
By , Connecting Vets

As this story publishes, former U.S. Special Forces soldier Mike Taylor and his son Peter have been remitted to Japanese custody and are in the air being flown to Japan where they will face prosecution for allegedly harboring a fugitive, a spokesperson for the Taylor family confirmed.

Taylor has been accused of helping former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan while he had pending criminal charges against him. Amnesty International and the U.S. State Department have both published about the failures of the Japanese justice system which has close to a 100% conviction rate, and a prison system that uses sleep deprivation and exposure to the elements in order to coerce confessions.

Attorneys for the Taylors exhausted all legal options in the United States to block their extradition. Michael Taylor allegedly helped Ghosn escape the country by loading him into a music case with air holes drilled in it which was then loaded onto a private jet. Peter Taylor is accused of providing Ghosn with a hotel key card, but upon reviewing court documents provided to Connecting Vets, the evidence presented by the prosecution did not appear substantial for that specific allegation.

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