Jerry O’Connell Gives ‘Stand By Me’ Poster a Coronavirus Update


Jerry O’Connell has given one of his classic ‘80s films a COVID-19 makeover.

O’Connell, who made his big screen debut in the 1986 classic "Stand By Me," shared a doctored image of the film’s poster showcasing the film’s cast wearing protective gear over their faces.

In the pic, O’Connell and co-stars River Phoenix and Will Wheaton all sport surgical masks. Corey Feldman goes even further with what looks like a gas mask over his mug.

The film’s title has also been changed to highlight social distancing by having it read “Don’t Stand by Me.”

O’Connell tweeted the photo with the caption, “Things just got real!”

The 46-year-old’s humorous post appeared to be a hit with his fans.

“Thanks for the laughter!!! Remember laughs are the best medicine!,” wrote one Twitter user.

“So wrong...yet so right,” added another.

“But can you imagine if this happened in the 80's, life wouldn't be much different you would still be phoning your friends or home playing record,” a third commented.

Directed by Rob Reiner, "Stand By Me" was released in August 1986 and earned over $52 million at the box office.

While O’Connell is obviously using his sense of humor to help pass the time during the pandemic, fans looking for something else to binge can watch the iconic coming-of-age film again by renting it on Amazon or iTunes.

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