Earth Hour! Turn off YOUR Lights!

Saturday, March 25 8:30p - 9:30p
Photo credit dima_zel / Getty Images

Saturday, March 25 is Earth Hour. A time the world unplugs and give an hour to our planet. Turn off your lights! Do something with your hour. Here are some suggestions after switching off!


Find out about Biodiversity

Audacy Eco-friendly podcasts

Watch the WWF Untangled


Talk a walk in your neighborhood park

Meditate with Nature / Nature's sounds

Google lens identify plants and animals


Pick up trash around your neighborhood

Ditch 3 things you find in your home that brings harm to the planet

Sort your recyclables / trash in different bins


Spread the word about Earth Hour with social media love

Share eye-opening articles and videos discovering issues together

Contact local leaders about important environmental issues

Take the celebration of Earth Hour into an everyday thing to do. Do 1Thing yourself, with family, with friends ...Do 1Thing together, millions of things for our planet.

Featured Image Photo Credit: dima_zel / Getty Images