Info to know to stay SAFE and COOL

Beat the Heat!
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SUMMERTIME in Central Texas is set on full force BLAZIN' HOT!! Here are helpful things to know to STAY SAFE & COOL in the ATX HEAT DOME!

HOT! HOT! HOT! Hey Y'all! Be Careful Outside!

Latest updates / advisories / warnings

Actions in Preparation for the city of Austin for Heat Advisory/Excessive Heat Warning. Cooling center and heat alert information here.

Power & Water Outage Reporting / Safety
ERCOT Supply & Demand / Grid Conditions Dashboards
Austin Energy call 512-322-9100 / Text 'Outage' to 287846
Safety Tips during an outage View & report outages
Austin Water call 512-972-1000
Other Austin area power / utility companies

Austin Public Health Heat Awareness & Safety

Look before you lock Don't leave people or pets in hot, unattended vehicles
Stay hydrated Drink lots of water and avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks
Dress for the weather Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothingProtect your skin Apply at least SPF 15 sunscreen often.
Stay out of the sun Outdoors find shade and wear a wide-brimmed hat
Work and play safely Avoid high-energy activities especially during the day
Protect your pets Give them plenty of water and shade
Check in on the elderly Access to AC and/or fans. Plus clean drinking water

Know the signs of Heat Exhaustion & Stroke

Pet parent safety tips for their babies to stay safe and cool!

Cap Metro suggests signing up for 'Metro Alerts' to go straight to your phone. Due to the tracks heating up, expect the train to run a bit slower.

The Extreme HEAT adds to the drought. Austin Water has the Austin /Travis County area under Stage 1 Water restrictions (last time was in 2018). Find your watering day. Residential & commercial schedules and other restrictions here.

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Ways to Stay Cool:
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APH Water Safety when cooling off in pools and other bodies of water, be water-wise. Learn safety tips to prevent drowning.

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