WATCH: ‘The Office’ fan creates deepfake video turning every character into Dwight Schrute


The internet is full of many strange things, but one of the more bizarre trends to pop up online in recent years is deepfake videos. Deepfakes are videos where the original person has been digitally altered to appear as someone else, as this is often used to create mashups of beloved shows, movies and characters.

The latest one to go viral was created by a fan of "The Office," and it’s a creation only Dwight Schrute could dream of.

In the deepfake video, different characters from "The Office" are turned into Rainn Wilson’s character from the show, Dwight Schrute.

Using various clips from the show, the video's creator is able to digitally replace everyone’s face with Wilson’s.

As many other fans pointed out, this is something the Dwight Schrute character would enjoy very much, as he’s often looking for his coworkers to match his standards.

The video was made by YouTuber, Jesse Richards, who makes "The Office"-themed deepfakes replacing characters with stars such as Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot. However, for fans of the show, this version was something they could enjoy as a full show.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Emma McIntyre / Staff