How to avoid the candy binge on Halloween


Americans consume about 4 percent of their yearly candy intake on October 31st. That means we eat about a pound of candy per person.

And that's just the tip of the chocolate bar, because it can start a trend of indulgence that continues from Halloween through Thanksgiving and the December holidays and New Years.

Health and wellness expert, Dr. Julie Gatza has some tips to keep us from waking up in a pile of candy wrappers on November 1.

​1. Make sure to each three meals a day.

"If you go into the trick-or-treating evening without eating a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you're going to be eating way more candy just because you're hungry," says Dr. Gatza. "Go to a party semi-fed. You'll find you don't graze on all the weird things. You'll find that you'll actually sit down and pick better things because you're not hungry."

2. Get enough protein.

"People are generally missing protein in their diets," says Dr. Gatza. "They eat a lot of carbohydrates...breads and pastas and're going to be missing the (protein) that actually curbs your hunger, makes you feel good, and gives things to the body and the muscles. And sugar is the next thing your body craves if it doesn't get (protein)."

3. If you need something sweet: eat fruit.

"Make yourself a smoothie. As soon as that sugar hits your body, whether it's fruit sugar or other sugar, you do have a lot more satisfaction than you would think," says Dr. Gatza. "If someone's trying to control their diet, as soon as their belly is full...they're full. So you might as well start with something that's easier on the body, easier to break down, and something that the body can utilize."

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