WATCH: Humpback whale nearly swallows kayakers off CA's Central Coast


Two kayakers are lucky to be alive after a feeding humpback whale nearly swallowed them whole when it surfaced Monday along California’s Central Coast.

The incident happened at Avila Beach near the Cal Poly pier in San Luis Obispo as several spectators in the immediate area were whale watching. Other kayakers in the area captured the whole thing on video.

While it looks like the two women went inside the large mammal’s mouth, kayaker Julie McSorley told KSBY in San Luis Obispo that their kayak simply turned over and they were thrown into the water.

Here’s another angle of the incident (includes language).

McSorley told the station she was underwater for about five to six seconds before she was able to surface again. Several paddle boarders apparently came to their rescue before they were able to get back on their kayak and ride back to shore.

The whales have reportedly been making recent appearances between Morro Bay and Avila Beach.

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