May Day Protests In SF Bring Calls For Rent, Mortgage Payment Cancellation


Hundreds gathered for a May Day rally and car caravan in San Francisco demanding rent cancellations and a Green New Deal. Three groups of cars circled state and city buildings and the areas most impacted by economic losses due to Covid-19.

Hundreds of like minded demonstrators gathered at Pier 50 in San Francisco to make their demands known. Signs taped to cars read ‘Rent: non-essential extraction’ and ‘If we can’t work we can’t pay the rent.” Activist and Physician Maureen Katz is especially passionate about releasing ICE detainees and a Green New Deal, while still honoring shelter in place orders by social distancing in cars…

“The irony is not lost on us, that as environmentalist organizations, we are in cars!” Said Katz, “but we want to save lives, we want to preserve lives and we want to make a future.“

Artist Jos Sansus had a little bit bigger than life-size skeleton attached to the top of his truck  dancing around a May Day pole.

“I tried to combine, kind of the spirit of spring and May Day with part of the ominous part of whats going on in our culture” said Sansus.

Many of those gathered called on local and state governments to use their power to cancel rent, mortgages and utility payments for those who have lost jobs. They caravanned to Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, around the state buildings and in to neighborhoods like the Tenderloin to highlight the needs for worker protections.