Rep. Barbara Lee Passes Out Food Boxes to Oakland Students


Oakland Unified School District’s food distribution program had a high profile visitor on Thursday, as Congresswoman Barbara Lee helped to pass out meals to families.

Families walking up to Elmhurst United Middle School were greeted by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who wore a black mask that said ‘Good Trouble.’

“There should not be hunger in America,” she told KCBS Radio.

The East Bay representative passed out food boxes to families like Samantha Ell and her 7-year-old granddaughter Leyah, who said the meal program is a huge help during distance learning and picks up food boxes every couple of weeks. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently granted a waiver allowing schools to give meals to all children, regardless of enrollment. Congresswoman Lee said it’s only until the end of the year, but that it’s their job in Washington to go to the USDA and try to get the waiver extended.

“As a member of the House appropriations committee, I’m going to try and get some support,” she said.

High profile visit to Elmworth Middle Skl in Oakland: Congresswoman Barbara Lee helping to pass out meals to families. Listen for the story this PM on @KCBSRadio

— Matt Bigler (@mattbigler740) September 10, 2020