Snacks, Water, Milk Among East Bay Protest Supplies

An overflow of supplies for protesters at a collection spot in Oakland.
Photo credit Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

An East Bay group says it wants to help keep the demonstrations going and they're accepting donations of food, masks, and medical supplies for protesters to make it happen.

The line goes around the block on MacArthur Blvd. in Oakland.

Cars are pulling up, dropping off all kinds of donations like masks and gloves to bottled water, snacks, fruit and vegetables. It’s all meant for protesters this coming weekend in anticipation of further demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Movement and calls for policing reform.

"People ask me how I’m holding up, I say 'I’m holding,'" Elder told KCBS Radio. "How are you managing? 'I’m managing.'"

Several protests are taking place around the Bay Area on Friday. Many more are expected to take place throughout the weekend.