At Sentencing, Victim's Father Says Killer May Be 'Demon-Possessed'

Kathy and Chris Cutshall speak to reporters on July 15, 2019 in Santa Rosa before the sentencing of Shaun Michael Gallon who murdered their daughter Lindsay Cutshall in 2004.
Photo credit Jeffrey Schaub/KCBS Radio

SANTA ROSA — Shaun Michael Gallon was sentenced on Monday to three consecutive life sentences without parole in part for murders that became one of the most chilling cold cases in Sonoma County's history. 

Gallon, 40, of Forestville, fatally shot Lindsay Cutshall, 22, and her fiancee Jason Allen, 26, with a sawed-off rifle while the couple slept on a Jenner beach in 2004.

It was only after Gallon was arrested for murdering his brother in 2017, for which he was also sentenced, that he confessed to the unsolved beach slayings. Prosecutors played a recording of Gallon admitting to detectives that he shot the engaged couple. 

"I would not be surprised if he's literally demon-possessed, at least at that time," said Cutshall's father Chris Cutshall, a pastor, who spoke to reporters before the hearing. "I don’t know about now, but he is dominated by the evil one."

During the sentencing, family members of the victims recalled how Cutshall and Allen were wonderful, religiously devoted people set to be married three weeks after Gallon shot them in the head. 

At one point, Cutshall's mother Cathy Cutshall held up her daughter's wedding gown. Gallon turned his head to look at it and Cathy Cutshall thanked him.