Mountain View's School District To Build Affordable Housing For Teachers



MOUNTAIN VIEW — A Bay Area school district is launching a first-in-the-state program to build sub-market rate housing for teachers and staff. 

The Mountain View Whisman School District has approved a deal with a developer to build a 144-unit apartment building just for teachers and school staff. 

Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph told KCBS Radio that he'd just received another resignation from a teacher who was moving out of California. For him, the project is vital to maintaining the school system at a time when the cost of housing is a pressing issue throughtout the region. 

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment will be about $1,500, rather than the market rate of about $2,800 in the tech-centric city. Money for the $56-million project will be recouped from the tenants rents. 

The project still needs approval from Mountain View's city council. Construction could begin in 2021.

Keila Gaeddert, a third grade teacher at an Oakland charter school, said that it would be a game changer if affordable housing were provided by school districts. 

"If that had been the case when we moved here, it would have made things os much less stressful," said Gaeddert who bought an East Bay condo with her husband after several years. "I also know that it would decrease teacher turnover for sure. That's one of the biggest problems in Oakland is that teachers come, stay for a couple of years and they have to leave."