There's A New Motto At The SFPD

The new motto of the San Francisco Police Department — "Safety and Respect" — has been added to patrol cars.
Photo credit Melissa Culross/KCBS Radio

The San Francisco Police Department has a new motto — "Safety and Respect."

The maxim has started appearing on the sides of the department's SUVs this week and is meant to show officers' commitment to community policing, said SFPD spokesman Adam Lobsinger.

"We're collaborating with the community. We're hoping this collaboration will improve how we respond to not only to calls for service, but how we respond to the community in general," said Lobsinger. 

Cops are receiving critical intervention and crisis intervention training that focus on time, distance, and deescalation.

"Once we're working with the community and understanding what the community is looking for, we can respond appropriately," said Lobsinger, who added that there are more officers patrolling parts of the city on foot. 

"We encourage people to come up to us and start a conversation. 'Hi. How you doing? How's the weather?'"

The use of force by SFPD officers is down 30 percent since 2016.