GLIDE delivers as community need grows


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way a familiar San Francisco organization is distributing meals to families in need this holiday season.

Instead of their traditional giveaway at the corner of Ellis and Taylor St., staff members at GLIDE are packing 5,300 bags on-site and delivering them to 18 agencies across San Francisco. They will be delivered using a network of 19 community partners and 27 distribution sites.

"We’ve spent the last couple days getting our chickens and turkeys ready," said George Gundry, director of GLIDE’s Daily Free Meals Program. "We will be a strictly delivery operation. We call it 'GLIDE On The Go.'"

Gundry told KCBS Radio that so many families have been laid off or furloughed during the pandemic, they’re handing out 800 more bags compared to 2019.

"The most marginalized in the community are the ones getting hit hardest by the pandemic," he said. "The need is greater."

The grocery items include a special holiday meal for four people and food for the Asian community like chicken, rice, soy sauce and tofu.

The bags are scheduled for delivery Wednesday.