Planned Parenthood opens new clinic in San Francisco


Planned Parenthood of Northern California opens its doors Tuesday to a new, $22 million clinic in San Francisco.

The two-story, 12,000-square-foot facility at 1522 Bush St. was built with the support of over 800 people and organizations. It replaces a decades-old clinic on Valencia St.

"It was smaller, basically three times smaller the size," said Planned Parenthood of Northern California CEO Gilda Gonzales. "We outgrew that space pretty quickly. Patients had to wait sometimes up to six to eight days to get appointments. We are reducing that now down to three days."

Gonzales told KCBS Radio the facility is designed to serve women from within or outside California. "What we’re able to do here in this new site is expand our research department. We have education," she said.

But Eva Mendez told KCBS Radio that her pro-life organization, 40 Days For Life, intends to continue oppose abortion.

"We have worked with very many women that have had abortions who have regretted it for the rest of their lives and have lots of mental problems and issues," she said. "We want to prevent that."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images