Vaccines and rapid tests to expedite air travel — and vacations


As more people receive vaccines, air travel experts are expecting the travel industry to open back up. Oakland International Airport is anticipating more travelers to Hawai'i this spring and summer.

The airport has been certified as a trusted travel testing partner by the Hawai'i State Department of Health, and is offering inexpensive, pre-flight COVID-19 tests. There are currently multiple daily flights from Oakland International Airport to the major Hawai'ian Islands.

Port of Oakland Spokesperson Marilyn Sandifur told KCBS Radio that the airport is making an effort to provide "the most convenient options" for tests, so that they can make the process as smooth as possible for travelers.

Sandifur said the that TSA is reporting higher numbers of air travelers recently. "With the vaccinations rolling out," she said, "we think more people are going to feel comfortable about traveling this spring and summer."

Most passengers will qualify for free COVID-19 testing through their health insurance, including rapid testing with results within 30 minutes.