Bust of CA Mexican-American activist César Chávez now graces the 'Resolute Desk' in Biden's Oval Office

President Joe Biden promised during his campaign to offer a diverse cabinet and on his first day in office, the Commander-in-Chief was captured sitting at his desk signing executive orders with a bust of California civil rights scion César Chávez watching over him.

Chávez is credited for revolutionizing the lives of countless farmer workers and forming the United Farm Workers Union in the 1960s.

"As a son and part of the family, I am very proud that my father's bust is in the president's office," Paul Chávez, son of the late civil rights leader tells NBC Los Angeles.

The copper bust was taken from to the White House at the behest of the administration to sit at the front of the “Resolute Desk.”

Busts of Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt also grace the Oval Office.

"President Biden is partnering with César Chávez--that means that the president's heart is very big, he understands the sacrifice of farmworkers," Dolores Huerta, an activist leader who worked closely with César Chávez told NBC LA.

"[President Biden] is partnering with the humblest person, Cesar Chávez, a man who gave his life to work with the poorest people in the countryside," Huerta adds.

The presence of the bust is a symbol to the Latino community that the 46th president of the U.S. recognizes their contributions to the country and signals a ray of hope to immigrants that in the words of Chávez himself, "Si Se Puede" (Yes we can) are more meaningful than ever.

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