Florida man accidentally shoots at deputy in a fit of road rage

Shot-out window stock photo.
Shot-out window stock photo. Photo credit Getty Images

A sheriff’s deputy from Hillsborough County, Fla., was driving away from the county sheriff’s office firing range Wednesday evening when he was shot at from a man in another vehicle.

Deputy Daniel Henry was not injured, and 49-year-old suspect Tracy Swint was arrested as of late Wednesday evening, the office said.

Henry had just finished a day of training at around 6 p.m. Wednesday and was driving northbound on Balm Riverview Road when he encountered a dark green 2007 Saturn sedan, said authorities.

Swint was, at first, slowly driving the Saturn on the “dark, two-lane road,” before he allegedly began aggressively “brake checking” the deputy. Henry attempted not to engage with the Saturn by legally passing ahead of the vehicle.

That’s when Swint allegedly pulled a firearm out his window and shot at the deputy’s vehicle. According to authorities, he struck it once between the back-passenger door and the wheel.

“As [Henry] pulled over to the side of the road, he was able to get a look at the driver, and description of the vehicle,” the sheriff’s office said.

Shortly after the incident, another deputy located the green Saturn. They followed the vehicle from a distance and eventually stopped the driver at a residence on the 10,000 block of McMullen Road. Deputies allegedly found Swint in the car and his wife in the passenger seat.

“After interviews with TeamHCSO detectives, Swint confessed to shooting at the deputy in a fit of road rage, but denies knowing that the vehicle was a marked Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office SUV when he shot at it,” said the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said that he is thankful that people were not injured during the shooting.

Swint is now facing felony charges of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and shooting into an occupied vehicle. His wife is not facing charges.

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