Young adults are main source of recent COVID surge: study

As coronavirus cases continue surging across the country, new studies show that infections among adults ages 25 to 39 are the main source of the increase.

Cases in this age group accounted for up to 50% of new monthly infections in July, up from 35% in May.

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Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, Professor of Medicine Specializing in Infectious Diseases at UC San Francisco, said there are four main reasons this age group is more affected that others.

"This is the age group that's the bulk of our workforce, so they have been moving around a lot more since the reopening of the state," Dr. Chin-Hong told KCBS Radio news anchor Liz Saint John.

"The second reason, of course, this also happens to be the lowest vaccination rate in our county," he continued. "As we know, vaccinations really drive carriage of this virus. So the lower you are into the proportion of individuals vaccinated, the higher the proportion of virus carried by this group."

"The third, of course, is the highly transmissible Delta that's upending all roots," Dr. Chin-Hong added. "We do know that more than 85 percent of cases now use the Delta. So, the bulk of the proportion of these cases, since there are new cases in the last 7 days, would be thought to be Delta as well, if not all the cases."

"And the fourth is," he continued, "this age group has been going out, which myself included, have been enjoying the reopening not knowing what's to come."