Athletes must wear a mask while competing in PA, Steelers exempt

A new mask order says athletes must wear a mask while playing a sport indoors or outdoors

A new mask mandate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania orders that all athletes and coaches must wear a mask at all times, including when they compete, but that does not include the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In a statement given to 93.7 The Fan, the Steelers Director of Communications Burt Lauten said, “We have received guidance from the Governor’s Office that our players are exempt from wearing masks during an NFL game. All other personnel working at an NFL game are required to wear masks, In addition, we will continue to enforce our protocols that require all fans entering Heinz Field to wear a mask”

While it was not explained by they were exempt, the Steelers and other NFL teams are tested a lot more frequently than other athletes.

The face covering order for other athletes is in effect for both indoor and outdoor sports and includes, coaches, athletes, cheerleaders and spectators.

The following exceptions are in effect for masks:

·        People with respirator issues, mental health or disability.

·        Those who would be in an unsafe working environment from wearing a mask.

·        People who would be able to remove a mask without help.

·        Children under two years of age.

·        Those who are communicating with someone who is hearing impaired or has a similar disability.

Athletes must wear a mask when working out, playing a game, on the sidelines or bench but if a sustained six-food distance can be maintained the face covering may be removed.