Dan Wilson explains why Semisonic is reopening the room after 20 years: Listen now

On the latest episode of 'Q with Tom Power'
Dan Wilson of the band Semisonic
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On the latest episode of Q with Tom Power, Dan Wilson explains why Semisonic is reopening the room after 20 years, as the band is set to release new music for the first time in two decades.

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After writing songs for the likes of Adele and The Chicks, Dan Wilson has returned to his band Semisonic to make their first album in more than 20 years. Dan talked with Tom about Semisonic’s breakout hit “Closing Time,” how it felt to get the band back together for their new album Little Bit of Sun, and what it’s been like to write smash hits for other artists.

Despite remaining close throughout the last two decades, Dan did admit he was a bit nervous to reunite with his Semisonic bandmates to make new music, after so much time apart. But as Dan went on to reveal, “we pretty much quickly lost our nerves, and started having a good time.”

“We’re like family we’ve known each other for so long, we’ve spent so many ridiculous formative times together. We’ve had so many experiences that no one else, except people in other bands could ever begin to understand. So there’s this kind of an ease, a family like ease about it.”

"The first we got together, I think was a really a test for all of us — Can we even do this? Can we we even sound good? And then when we took the rough mixes home at the end of the week… When we listened back, we were like ‘oh, we’re still us, still good.’”

To hear the whole conversation, check out the entire episode above.

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