Taylor's Adventures - Bauman Farms

Another Pumpkin Patch to add to the list! I think this one is my favorite so far...
Bauman Farms

Another pumpkin patch in the books, and I've got to say I think this one is my favorite. If you make it out to Gervais, Oregon anytime soon Bauman Farms Pumpkin Patch is AMAZING!

For one, it's absolutely huge and you might want to get there early before you have to walk half a mile to the event. It's a popular one but definitely worth it! They have multiple attractions such as a zipline, slide, bounce house, corn maze, dark hay maze, trolly ride and much more. My family and I enjoyed a cider tasting in the greenhouse and every single one of them was so tasty I had to take some home! Right next to the cider tasting is a full gift shop full of Halloween and Christmas decor along with over 8 different kinds of apples to taste and buy. While most pumpkin patches are pretty limited on what you can do, this one really has it all! Be sure to get your fried food cravings in at the cafeteria, but my go-to is definitely the bakery with apple cider donuts. Pair it with their apple cider slushee for the most festive treats! If you get the chance this season, be sure to visit Bauman Farms, it's great! - Taylor