Taylor's Adventures - Mt. Hood Skibowl Adventure Park

Have you ever experienced the famous 'Alpine Slide' on Mt. Hood? Now is your time to check it out
Taylor and Kailee on the Scenic Sky Chair
Taylor and her friend Kailee on the Scenic Sky Chair

The middle of July is already here, meaning we are already halfway through the summer! This year is flying by. If you haven’t been able to get out of the state or even the city this summer, this adventure is perfect for you and your whole family.

Go Karts

Mt. Hood Skibowl is located in Government Camp, Oregon, only a short hour drive from Portland. As you make your way through the trees and beautiful views of Mt. Hood, you will come across a hillside on your right filled with mountain biking, the famous Alpine Slide and over 20+ attractions for all ages. This is Mt. Hood Skibowl Adventure Park and it is almost impossible to miss in the winter AND the summer!

Go Karts

Throughout my time at Skibowl, it was hard not to have a smile on my face the entire time. From sliding down the mountain on the Alpine Slide, to competing for the fastest lap time on the Malibu Raceway, my day was filled with spontaneous, fun adventure with my friends and family. I couldn’t believe that this place was only an hour away from home! Here are some of the fun adventures I got to experience:

Alpine Slide - Over 5 times down the mountain!
Go Karts at Malibu Raceway
Zip lining
Bungee Jumping!
Mini Golf Treetop Tour
Batting Cages

+ Hiking through the beautiful interpretive trails in between attractions.

My favorite attraction was definitely the Scenic Sky Chair and the Alpine Slide. The beautiful views really cleared my head while the slide gave me the fresh air and excitement! It’s the best of both worlds on the mountain. A perfect mix of a vacation getaway and adrenaline adventures. It was a great balance to my day and I highly recommend Mt. Hood Skibowl Adventure Park for any day of the week. Be sure to get your tickets online and check out their website and all of their attractions at www.skibowl.com