Crank it to 12! Seahawks/49ers prediction with Jeetz


This season is going to cost me years off my life. First part of the season, the defense couldn’t stop a soul and kept getting torched and letting the offense down. As soon as they get the defense playing as well as they have in years, offense is now one of the worst in the league. Lol. So is the rollercoaster ride that is your 2021 Seattle Seahawks. Playoffs are pretty much out of the question. So how do you fix this? Outside of obviously saying Russell Wilson needs to get back on track, beating the 49ers is always a good way to feel better. This is arguably one of the best rivalries in the NFL, so throw out the records because this one is going to be a drag out fight.
49ers come in having won three in a row, so if you aint going to playoffs, playing spoiler to your biggest rival should be the goal this week.

Sooooooo, you wanna know what’s going to happen? Click the audio link above to listen to my 100% accurate prediction for Seahawks/49ers! LETS GO HAAAAAAAWKS!!!